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Know problems in Samsung Kies with Windows 7

Samsung Kies has been marketed for wide range of Samsung smartphones ,but is it really compatible with Windows 7 .

We have tested Samsung Kies with Windows xp & Windows 7 .

In Windows XP Samsung Kies works seamlessly and all the features works without any problem

When it comes to Windows 7 ,The Network connection wizard fails to detect Samsung Wave as a 3G Modem .

As a workaround ,you can use the tethering feature to connect to the internet ,on Windows 7 platform .

Also the application itself fails to do a firmware upgrade in Windows 7 for Samsung wave model .But fortunately Samsung has build a robust recovery system incase the firmware upgrade fails .

When it comes to the application itself the application performs extremely slow with Windows 7 .

There were fewer upgrades on the Kies ,but we hope the future releases solves these bugs in Kies with Windows 7

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