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5 Tips to solve Windows 7 cpu utilization always 100%

Recently got or Upgraded to Windows 7 ,well then you might face this problem may after a week or so.

You can feel that when multitasking your machine might be thinking too much and might test you patience ,i mean it might be slow .

In windows 7 using  msconfig  and cleaning the startup might not always help

So then whats the laymans way to fix this

1.If you are using a 5.1 audio card ,Your audio card might be coming with enhancements such as Bass Management and Dolby ,disable these features and use it only when you need it ,this will reduce the CPU utilization greatly

2.Your Video card refresh rate will also be the culprit ,disable or Adjust you 3D features in Video cards and adjust it for Maximum performance ,Change the refresh rate to Optimal level

3.If you are using to many windows gadgets then close few of them and use whichever you need most

4.If you are using firefox ,then this TIP will help ,If you download Fire fox keeps track of all your downloads in a seperate window ,Open this download window and clear the list

5.If any of your installed applications or  drivers are been stopped due to starprotection drivers then you might have to switch that to Windows XP mode or disable it from startup ,this will avoid windows 7 to keep track of this problematic drivers

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